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copy writing, tech marketing, public relations | for tech companies and startups | b2b only. | open source first

your ideas are cutting edge

shouldn't your marketing be cutting edge, too

Recent & Past Projects (selection)

What people feel when buying and using your product is your competitive advantage.

You are a global vendor entering new markets?

You are a SMB expanding your customer base?

You are a startup building your business?

You are an established player seeking new prospects?

We help you building your community.



Content should always fit perfectly, like a good and comfortable suit.


We are passionate about explaining complex products or technology.  Our excellent industry knowledge is combined with our analytical and results oriented mindset. All we do will be tailor made for your individual needs and the demands of your target group. We focus on users with a high degree on quality awareness. We, too, plan and realise individual cross-media campaigns on- and offline. With our event services we build your community. Programming skills, deep technical understanding and knowledge about common tools make us the best fitting partner for you. 

why ask an expert?

We know how hard it could be to find an expert. Why not asking an external specialist?


Social media runs through our veins. We know the latest updates on SEO and Keywords. Analytics and growth hacking are in our genes. We know markets or industries, understand technology and most important – we know your target group.


Our focus is creating content, such as use cases, webinars, video- and podcasts, textes for your website, blog posts, or press releases.

We maintain your social media, plan and organise events, or plan and realise individual cross-media campaigns on- and offline.

We, too, offer workshops and consulting services to make your marketing efforts count.